Dog kennels and Runs

Country Carpentry are reputable not only for our game rearing equipment but also our excellence in fabricating dog kennels and runs, perfect for working dogs and gun dogs. Our runs are built to order, designed with our customers’ needs and animals comfort at the forefront of manufacture. Our dog kennels and kennel runs are built using only the finest, high quality materials to ensure we produce nothing but the best for your working dogs and gun dogs.

By popular demand we have two main designs for your working dogs kennel; the terrier box design and the full height door design.

The terrier box design allows for a minimal maintenance dog kennel with easy access for cleaning, as the box is designed to be dismantled straightforwardly.

The full height door design has the attraction of having a secure sleeping space for your working dogs and gun dogs. It allows easy access walk-in entry with the security of lockable bolts.

If neither design suits you, we are more than happy to work with you to make a bespoke kennel that is designed and built to your own custom requirements and specifications perfect for your working dogs needs

All of our dog kennels come fully insulated for extra warmth for your working dog at no extra cost.

Please note, we expect the concrete bases to be supplied and fitted by the customer before a kennel can be erected on site.

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Terrier Boxes

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