Design Two – External Night Shelter

24ftX18ft attached night shelter. Corrugated Tin roofing, Wire partition with easy access door, 2inch x 2inch metal frame work that is portable by telehandler.

Clad with a 9ml wisa spruce ply 10ft pop hole for easy access for large numbers of birds.

All fixings and hinges are galvanised with a zinc coating for a longer life. All timbers are treated for optimum durability.

  • 2inchX2inch  CLS treated Scandinavian timber for minimum knotting and longer lasting sheds,
  • 3ft easy access doors with an internal latch.
  • All windows are monarflex and wired with 16 gauge twil weld for double protection.

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Prices starting from £4,000

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Rearing Sheds External Shelter

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